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Writing Tips #73: Top Ten Tips to Create a Character Arc


Tips by Samantha Stone

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Just as in real life, characters on a page change and develop throughout your story. This is natural and should happen. You can write a story without any character development, but those types of stories are usually noted just for that reason – a character’s refusal or inability to learn or respond to the events around them.

Don’t let your character drift around in this developmental arc. Plan your character’s growth and reactions with events, interaction with other characters, and from inner turmoil or conflict. Often characters are at war with themselves or their beliefs, and this can affect their overall character change.

Use these 10 tips to keep your character arc on track for believable development.

1. Who Is the Character at the Beginning?

Decide who your character is and why they need to change. In the Christmas favorite A Christmas Carol, Scrooge changes from a cantankerous, heartless man into a caring and generous one. Think of Dr. Seuss’s Grinch.

2. Inner Demons

Secrets your character hides can be a driving force in who they are. Denial can keep your character falsely happy and guilt can haunt your character into madness. This was one of Shakespeare’s favorite devices.

3. Perception of Self

Your character’s self-image may be their worst enemy. Something your character sees as a fault may be exaggerated or may not exist at all. A character thinking they’re too fat, too ugly, stupid, or even superior to others are perceptions that can be changed or altered within the storyline. In the play and movie The Seven Year Itch, a pulp fiction editor sees himself as a skirt-chasing fiend trying to corner the blonde from upstairs – but he’s not. His fantasy life is exaggerated in his mind and has invaded when his wife and child are away for the summer.

4. Show the Character Changing

Give the reader the eyewitness view of the character changing. Show the obstacles overcome, the decisions made, the failures and wins. It doesn’t always have to be pretty.

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Snow Goddess by CelticBotan 
[WALKTHROUGH VIDEO | DETAIL SHOTS]Made entirely on two Livestream sessions. When I saw this picture of Rihanna in this photoshoot I had the idea of turning her into a kitsune demon right away, haha.It was incredibly fun! Thanks a lot everyone who came over to watch and talk <3TOOLS:Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | Photoshop CS6 Around a total of 14hREFERENCE IMAGEArt (c) CelticBotan, do not use, alter or copy

Snow Goddess by CelticBotan 


Made entirely on two Livestream sessions. When I saw this picture of Rihanna in this photoshoot I had the idea of turning her into a kitsune demon right away, haha.
It was incredibly fun! Thanks a lot everyone who came over to watch and talk <3

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | Photoshop CS6 
Around a total of 14h


Art (c) CelticBotan, do not use, alter or copy

Stream offline!
Thanks a lot those who came over to watch and talk  I will post the outcome soon!

The same RIhanna drawing from last stream! I intend to finish it today.

Join in the fun!

Streaming in a few minutes! =D Going on with the drawing I was painting last stream, the one based  on Rihanna.

Mary Fahl - Exiles: The Wolves of Midwinter
74 plays


When the shadows fall, and the fires burn
The forest calls to me and I must return
The night becomes primordial, it murmurs and it hums
It draws me into mysteries with the sound of beating drums

And I’m so alive
I cant explain
I feel the moonlight
I sense the rain

The ghosts inside the looking glass, I hear their spectral sighs
And the tender sounds of innocence that haunt me with their cries

You and I
We are free
We belong to eternity
Ancient exiles are we

When the hunger comes and I lose control
Hold me in the darkness, bless my tarnished soul
I will run beside you, we’ll leave the past behind
We’ll hide inside the ages, beneath the sands of time…


Thanks a lot for those who came over to the stream! <3


SammyTorres dragon tutorials

This person have made quite a few amazing tutorials UvU

Individual links:

Feathers for Dragons

Fur for Dragons

Scales for Dragons

Dragon Heads

Dragon Details

Forelimbs and Hindlimbs for Dragons

Wings for Dragons

How to Construct a Dragon

How to Design a Dragon


I remember finding them a while back, and thinking, “DAMN I SHOULD TELL THE DRAGON BLOG ABOUT THESE,” but I forgot, and then u beat me to it, aha (tho, some new ones have been added since I last checked, so all for the better I forgot, it seems~)

these tutorials are all so LOVELY, aaaa

I do have a few issues, tho„,

the examples for different wing shoulder placements (in the “how to construct a dragon” tutorial, second-to-last link). honestly, I think the only realistic and plausible way to place wings on a dragon is to place them fully and completely behind the front limbs (the fourth example she drew). the middle two, while the limbs might be able to move separately, they just majorly overcomplicate the dragon’s structure, and would certainly cause muscular movement issues, cus’ the muscles wrap around the skeleton and muscles of the other limb, and it’s just rly too much complication for evolution to ever apply to an animal. then the first example, w/ the wings in front, I get the feeling would set the dragon off-balance at the front, as well as not be the best “lift-point” for the dragon to have (IE- think about lifting up a cat or other small animal. the ideal “lift-point” is more near the center of their ribcage, rather than closer to their front limbs, right?)

also, elbow spines. I mean, her under-skeletal structures for the wings make the spines seem plausible, but at the same time, I just can’t get over how they’d interfere w/ joint movement, no matter how plausibly designed

and then the ear placement. I mean, her placement is perfectly realistic, given the skulls she draws, as their angles are very long/stretched (idk if that part of the jaw is called the “angle” on non-human mandibles, but I’m just gonna assume that it is, here), so her ear placement totally works. I just want to make it clear, to artists looking at these tutorials, that the reason her ears don’t look to be behind the jaw is b/c of that long angle that stretches out under the ear. the actual condyle/pivot-point of the jaw is in front of the ear canal. mandible structure can vary greatly, and, thus, vary the the position of the ear canal, so it’s good to know what kinda jaw/ear canal combo ur workin’ w/, when it comes to ear placement

anyways, thank u for sending such fab tutorials our way!

-Mod Spiral


The Dynamics of Animated Drawing - Notes by Glen Keane