hi great art! do you have any tips you can give on using Bamboo and Photoshop for art (like what size frames to use or what kind of mediums to draw with in photoshop)?.. i've been trying and its blowing my mind! soo i stick to paper lol


Hey there!

Well, I think I can’t really give an appropriate opinion about painting with Photoshop because I don’t use it, I use Paint Tool SAI.

There are a couple of speedpaints [1] [2] and tips [1] [2] [3] [4] though that might really help you out!

About size, I guess it works the same on both programs - I always start with a small/medium image size (1170x1770 pixels / 10 x 15 cm in 300 dpi) so I can draw and paint a sketch without major concerns about the program taking too much to load and such. When I am satisfied with the sketch / layout, I make it bigger, which varies a lot, but I try to make it at least twice / trice the size so I can detail a lot and make small mistakes in the lineart / painting that will disappear when you shrink the image to post online or when you print it. My latest piece for example is 3072x6496 pixels / 26x55 cm, 300dpi originally.

Always set it to 300dpi for good printing quality,but if you only want to fool around with sketches or studies that you have no intention of printing, only posting or keeping it in digital format there is no problem in keeping it in a lower dpi.

If you are unsure about where you set this, it always shows up when you open a new canvas:

There you can set it on 300dpi or any other number you want.

I hope that helped somehow!


your art is better than you think it is

VOICES OF LIGHT: Joan of Arc and Saint Michael, The Archangel
by Celtic Botan

"Oh! What an honor for the feminine sex!…
This entire realm, once lost by [wretched men],
restored and saved by a woman again”
"Ditié de Jehanne d’Arc", by Christine de Pizan, 1429
one of the earliest known feminist writers.

"From my girlhood to the present time, in a
wondrous fashion I have felt in myself the
power and mystery of secret and
wonderful visions…”

St. Hildegard of Bingen, mystic, poet,
and composer from the early 12th Century.

"A little girl […]
Upon whom arms and armor
weigh lightly; […]
Before her all foes take off at a run,
Of them none remains, not even a one.”

"Ditié de Jehanne d’Arc" by Christine de Pizan

Excerpts from 
"VOICES OF LIGHT"(Richard Einhorn) lyrics, which were taken from works by medieval female mystics.

[Walkthrough video]


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some nice programs to draw

  • mtPaint: free source tool designed to make pixel art. for Linux or Windows.


  • character maker: it’s to make charsets for rpgmaker but you can use it for whatever you want. it’s in both english and spanish.



  • sekka: free source tool to draw things like these:




Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

We have art in order not to die of the truth.
Nietzsche  (via heartonaconstantrun)



So I’m not sure what to call this

But I figured I’d at least try to impart my knowledge of (hank hill voice) weapons and weapon accessories.

If you like this, tell me, and I might do another tutorial some time!




"by your powers combined, i am captain planet! opal!”
ok i am ready to see the other fused gem combinations bcause wow opal is super neat so obviously i had to draw her

speedpaint! <3



"by your powers combined, i am captain planet! opal!”

ok i am ready to see the other fused gem combinations bcause wow opal is super neat so obviously i had to draw her

speedpaint! <3


NOTICE (25/Mar/2013)

  • If you are using the original mediafire link, it no longer exists. I have replaced the link here @ the source with a new working one! Click the heading/link to access it. :) If/when the download link breaks, I will try my best to upload it elsewhere and replace it. It’s a good idea to be able to find your way back to this post (the source) in case you ever need a working download.


  • Download the file from the link, unzip the file (using a program such as WinRAR), click through the folder and run ‘sai.exe’. You do not need to uninstall any current versions of SAI - you should be fine to have two versions of SAI on your computer.


  1. Is this a full version of SAI?
    Yes, this is a full, cracked version of SAI! There are actually lots of cracked versions of SAI (despite the fact there is only one official version of SAI, as far as I know), and a lot of them don’t have transparency support. I uploaded this version to help you out, since transparency is really handy!

  2. Is this version clean/safe/virus free?
    As far as I know, yes! This is the version that I have on my own computer; I simply uploaded my version to Mediafire a file hosting site.

  3. How do I save my images as transparent?
    Go to File > Save As > Save your file as type .png > Check ‘32bpp ARGBP’ in the dialogue box

  4. I’m having trouble with SAI/does it work on a Mac?/other miscellaneous SAI questions
    I really can’t help you with any problems, I’m sorry, and won’t answer any Asks about it. :( A quick Google search will probably provide you with the answers you’re seeking!


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